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Hi, I'm Kelsie! I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Houston, made my way all over Texas, and then recently returned to the area. I live here with my cat, Bubbles and my husband, Trace. I couldn't do life without either of them. When I'm not photographing, you can catch me camping, traveling anywhere that I can in my vintage trailer, seeing live music, or watching movies (especially from my VHS collection). 


My love for photography blossomed after acquiring my first camera during my freshman year of high school when I joined a photojournalism class. As time passed, I joined the yearbook team as well and that's where I gained a passion for photographing people, especially during candid moments. Since then, I've worked on countless creative projects, weddings, and boudoir sessions. I've captured tiny toes and hands each year as they've gotten bigger and bigger. I've stayed by the sides of countless nervous brides as they prepared to enter the next big chapter of their lives. I've hyped up tons of women who just needed that confidence boost and a day that was all about them.  I've even cheered as babies took their first breath! I truly pour my soul into each and every session and will only continue to grow and improve as time goes on. I hope you'll stay for a while!

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